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Kuwait Caledonians Pipe Band
2009 Band Bytes

A page dedicated to Band activities for 2009 - other than the main events linked above.

Most of these entries were copied from our family journal - and are mostly 1st person (John Weston)





February 17, 2009

Bader does some Photo-Shopping with some of our Band photos

We're back to Monday chanter practices again at Bader's Villa.
He shared these photos he made on a web site that allowed substitution in some unlikely poses.
I thought they were cute, and would like to add them to our Band Gallery.
He's not really that much an egomaniac - he just like the idea....







John & Andrew even got some adulation on this poster....




January 29, 2009

Finally - the Burns' Supper arrives...

This was the 250th anniversary of Rabbie Burns' birthday. So we did our best in this difficult country to have a nice event.
We suffered from very small committee member involvement, and the authority's efforts to shut down all ex-pat functions in the country.
Since its against their religious beliefs to enjoy music and mixed dancing - that means no one would be able to have any functions in Kuwait with these decadent features.
As a band member - I even had to submit my civil ID along with Bader's - so they would have someone to come after if there were ever any complaints of this kind of decadence...
Anyway... the event was pretty successful. As always, We've built and we're hosting a web page for the event on our web site.
Unfortunately, in spite of my best efforts in planning, John forgot the two battery packs we have for our Nikon
- so when we got there, we had to solicit photos from friends with small point-and-shoot cameras.
The quality just wasn't as good - but it was the best we could do without any of our other photographers at the event.




January 10, 2009

More TES band practice...

It takes a lot of dedication to spend as much time as we do practicing for free performances where we actually have to pay for our own entrance.
John used to play like this for the dancers in '72. When he was Philip's age today. You can only stand around so long without getting too tired. Bader regains his piping form.



January 5, 2009

Practice starts in earnest for Burns'

We're back at two practices a week again. Mondays at Bader's, and Saturday's at TES
Bader's been having a bad time with family these days. They keep falling sick or getting injured. But he promised to stay with us for Burns' this year. Lyndon and Philip listening to another of Bader's stories.




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