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Tonight - a special presentation, for a very special friend....



More or less in Chronological order....

"Coila" - from Glasgow - plays for dancing this evening



Piping in the Top Table

  Chieftain Sam McCulloch and Patron Diraar AlGhanim
The Top Table guests meet Lyndon pipes in the Top Table



A quick band performance to seat the guests for the evening.
The Kuwait Caledonians Pipe Band (Bader's Band) open the evening's entertainment


Tunes at this session:

Mingulay Boat Song
Skye Boat Song


We're a loud band.... it takes a lot to be heard over the din....


A quick band performance to seat the guests for the evening.
Sheila Lilley - Mistress of Ceremonies Sam McCulloch - Chieftain
The Reverend Andy Thompson gives and entertaining account of the history of St. Andrew.
Group photos of our guests


Our apologies to anyone who wanted photos - and weren't included.
Please contact our photographers at the next event if you'd like your photo taken.
For digital copies - contact John by e-mail. No charge....
Kuwait Caledonians Pipe Band's Main Performance
Pipe Major - Bader Mohammed Stuart King
Philip Weston John Weston
And introducing - Andrew Bates Lyndon Baines


Tunes at this session:

March in to: Murdo's Wedding, Scotland the Brave, Rowan Tree

(Momentary Mutiny and bagpipe presentation)

Amazing Grace (solo by Stuart King)
Brown Haired Maiden, Chorichollies Welcome, Terebus
Meeting of the Waters, Johnny Scorbie





A "Momentary Mutiny"....

John stops the performance for a special presentation...

Before the band continues the program after the march-in - everyone laid down their pipes - except Bader.


Some kind words of Bader's dedication Bader is wondering why John is bad-mouthing his pipes...
Only Bader was left out of the loop...
"Even the cords were chewed upon by a cat".... Lyndon brings out the surprise....
..A custom set of McLellan bagpipes, Bronze and African Blackwood. Only the best will do for our honorary pipe-major...
Its fair to say we caught Bader completely off guard...  He appeared to be quite touched.
We printed a poster collage of Bader photos with the patrons for this presentation.

This is Bader's poster. With a place-holder for photos from tonight's presentation.

  Left speechless....
Bader tries out his new Bagpipes
Many thanks to Lyndon for assembling the pipes and providing the interim cords.... Middle Eastern style... The band appreciates Bader's solo performance.
Bader has to set aside his new pipes until he can spend some time with the drones. So now the performance continues.
Bader with Diraar AlGhanim, one of the bagpipe patrons.




Dancing the night away to "Coila"...

Alistair McCulloch and Willie Weir - "Coila"
Birthday girls Mary Smith and Sheila Lilley





The Kuwait Caledonians would like to thank all the raffle ticket buyers tonight,
for helping us to raise over 800 KD for the Hearts and Minds Charity in Scotland.







Don't forget to order your tickets for the Burn's Supper,
Thursday, February 7, 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel





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