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2007 Spring Ceilidh

Crowne Plaza Hotel
Farwaniya, Kuwait

Thursday, May 31, 2007

all photos courtesy of John & Alice Weston unless otherwise noted.
(Updated 2007/06/1)


Gary Blair and Bader



The Kuwait Caledonians Pipe Band plays to get everyone seated.

Brown Haired Maiden
Chorrichollies Welcome

Mist Covered Mountains
Corn Rigs Are Bonnie

March Out to:  Bonnie Lass of Fyvie


Chieftain Mike Ling awards Bader with a special token of appreciation for his efforts with the band.

Brought in from Glasgow for this one event - Gary Blair






The Band 's Second Performance


The band does its main performance

March In to; Murdo's Wedding
Scotland the Brave
Rowan Tree

Flower of Scotland (to a rousing chorus)
Green Hills of Tyroll
Battle's O'er

Mingulay Boat Song
Skye Boat Song

March Out to; Meeting of the Waters
Johnny Scorbie


The guests sing along to "Flower of Scotland"...
The main dance begins

Raffle Awards
Wendy presents Mike with a gift of calligraphy, as he is leaving Kuwait in a few days.






The Kuwait Caledonians wish to thank
the following sponsors
for their support this evening:





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