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2007 Burn's Supper

Crowne Plaza Hotel
Farwaniya, Kuwait

Thursday, February 8, 2007

all photos courtesy of John & Alice Weston, unless otherwise noted. (Updated 2007/02/09)





The Afternoon before the Main Event....

Functions like this don't just happen. There's a lot of work put in by just a few people to make them successful

Wendy and Alice work on the seat placements, and Mike and Sam discuss other details.


Talal and Keith Armstrong Philip Weston, John Weston, and Bader Mohammed talk to Dave King
Lyndon Baines, Stewart King, and Philip Weston Bader tries to play his practice chanter while puffing....


Jessica King and accompanist practice her performance.




The Big Evening....
Jane and Wendy collect tickets for the special raffle Alice and Jane



The evening's festivities begin....


Mike Parkin and Helen Reid Pia and Andrew Duncan

Anne, Stewart, Jessica and Dave King
John and Carol Dyson  




Piping in the Top Table

Keith does the honors this year Diraar Al-Ghanim, Mike Ling and Sybella Laing




Kuwait Caledonian's Chieftain Mike Ling give some announcements. Mistress of Ceremonies - Sheila


Anne Armstrong does the Selkirk Grace. John Carmichael apologises for his lack of "National Dress". The airline lost his baggage... again. The second time this has happened coming to Kuwait in a year.


“Some Hae Meat, and cannae eat,
And some wad eat that want it;
But we hae meat, and we can eat,
Sae let the Lord be thank it.




Piping in the Haggis,
and the Address to the Haggis

Lyndon pipes in the Haggis

John Carmichael does the "Address to the Haggis"...



Toasting the Haggis...



Then Came the Dinner....

Terrine of Avocado & Artichoke Heart Salad
McSween’s Haggis, Neeps and Tatties
Oven Baked Medallion of tender Lamb Loin
(Vegetarian Option Available)
Zucchuni Ratatoulle, Potato Mussoline
Gourmandise Platter (Intense Chocolate Cake, Panna Cotta)
Cheese Platter Selection (Stilton, Cheddar & Goat’s Cheese)
Tea & Coffee
Soft Drinks and Juices





Jessica King Sings three Burn's Songs








Kuwait Caledonian's Pipe Band Performance






Tonight's program:

March In:  Murdo's Wedding, Scotland the Brave, Rowan Tree

Flower of Scotland, Green Hills of Tyrol, Battle's Over

A Man's A Man For A'That, My Love She's But a Lassie Yet

Mingulay Boat Song, Skye Boat Song

March Out:   Meeting of the Waters, Johnny Scorbie


Bader marks the end of another successful performance....





The Immortal Memory
given by John Carmichael







Toasts to the Lassies and Laddies


Vice Chieftain Peter Nichols does the toast to the Lassies Allison Pyper toast the Laddies in response.




Our "Special Raffle"


Sybella Laing announces the winners of the "special raffle"





Dancing to John Carmichael's Accordion....



The maestro himself....



















Join us at our Spring Ceilidh on May 31, 2007
- again and the Crowne Plaza Hotel


The local Kuwait Times gave us a full page spread in the paper a few days later.

Right click and save target as" to save the 1 MB jpg scan of the page.

We even made it to the front page header of the paper that day.




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