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Kuwait Caledonians Pipe Band
2006 Band Bytes

A page dedicated to Band activities for 2006 - other than the main events linked above.

November 30, 2006
St. Andrew's Ball, Hilton Resort, Mangaf
The band plays at the Kuwait Caledonians Welcome Back Ceilidh.
There is a dedicated web page with many more photos of this event. Link to it here.

Introducing another new piper instructed by Bader, Philip Weston

November 12, 2006
St Paul's Church Memorial Service (Remembrance Day Service)
Although it was warm at 30 degrees with high humidity and no wind, the band members kindly donated their time to wait nearly an hour outside the church before being called to perform for the congregation after the trumpeter did "taps"
The Band did a touching rendition of "Going Home".
After the service the band performed the Brown-Haiored Maiden set with the Captain Norman O'r Ewing set as people left the church.
The service was well attended by many VIPs, including a number of Ambassadors,.


Buskin after the ceremony. Lots of appreciation for a good, but short performance.
September 21, 2006
Welcome Back Ceilidh
The band plays at the Kuwait Caledonians Welcome Back Ceilidh.
There is a dedicated web page with many more photos of this event. Link to it here.
Bader plays a stirring rendition of "Going Home", solo, in honour of Helen James, the Kuwait Caledonians Committee Member that died this summer shortly after giving birth to her first child.


September 12, 2006
David Roberts' Exhibition Opening
The band poses with Mrs. Denise Rejab, author of the commemorative book and sponsor for the exhibition.
L-R  Bader, Stewart King, Alistair Gillespie, Denise Rajab, John Weston, Keith Armstrong

Under the auspices of H.E.
The British Ambassador
Mr. Stuart Laing

The Tareq Rejab Museum
Request the pleasure of your company to an
Exhibition and Book Launch of

David Roberts RA 1796-1864
The life and works of a Scottish Artist
by Denise Rejab

at Dar El Cid Exhibition Halls, Jabriya
on 12th September 2006 at 7:00pm


The band plays at 19:10 for 10 minutes in the high-30's heat, on the steps of the Dar El-Cid Exhibition Hall, as the guests filed past down to the hall.
The band had to stop by 19:19 because the call to prayers were resounding in the neighborhood.

Tunes played were:

Brown Haired Maiden
Corrichollies Farewell

Murdo's Wedding
Scotland the Brave
Rowan Tree


Denise Rejab Another Rejab family member views the exhibition





May 18, 2006
Spring Ceilidh

See the dedicated page here

Introducing new piper Alistair Gillespie. Keith was away and missed this performance.




May 1, 2006
Philip Weston

The band's latest piper prepares to join in the September "Welcome Back" Ceilidh




April 28, 2006
Q8 Caledonians Treasure Hunt and Cruise

See the dedicated page here

John's solo performance of the cruise boat following the Treasure Hunt






April 21, 2006
Terry Fox "Marathon of Hope"
KOC Stadium, Ahmadi

Put off for the last 4 years because of security reasons, the Canadian Commercial Circle members organized this year's Kuwait Terry Fox Run
 for cancer research. There was a lot of criticism of how it was handled. A good thing friend Shane Davis was there to help the band out.

Jane Chacko was scheduled to demonstrate a couple of Highland dances today, but sprained her ankle last night. And after all that practice too...

Marching into the KOC stadium. Philip did a pretty good job snapping photos today, while Stuart King's (2nd from left) dad Dave,
took a video with our camcorder.

The star attractions of the event.

Posing for the papers with one of the handicapped participants

It seemed that everyone wanted their pictures taken with the band.
We lapped up the special attention. Lord knows when we'll see that again.

It was 40 degrees out, and they held a 10 minute "warm-up" session.
It was a surprise there weren't people collapsing on the route, but then it was only 5 km...

Shane Davis. Shane adopted us when we arrived and kept us informed when and where we were to play. He was absolutely invaluable today... Beating a hasty retreat to the air conditioning.


The local Arab Times featured these photos in their extensive 2 page coverage spread the next day.


The Daily Star featured a double page spread on the event with these photos.





April 6, 2006
American Embassy Armed Forces Ball, Kuwait

Since Keith Armstrong was away in Thailand this year, John volunteered to play at the
American Armed Forces Ball at their Embassy fortress in Bayan.
It was a real treat. He has never been treated so specially in his life.

Although it was a formal Ball, a lot of the attendees didn't have dress outfits with them here in Kuwait.
These Navy ladies asked to pose with the "Man in a Skirt", while they were in fatigues....

(Mostly married unfortunately...)




April 2, 2006
Sam & Nanette's Weekly Dance Practice, Fintas, Kuwait

John and Jane continued to practice for her dance for the Terry Fox run planned for the 21st. Featuring the Highland Fling and Sean Truibhas




March 8, 2006
Kuwait Caledonian's Annual Burn's Supper, Crowne Plaza, Farwaniyah, Kuwait

See the dedicated page here

Lyndon pipes in the haggis





January 27, 2006
Annual Scotland/England Football Game, City Stadium, Kuwait

See the dedicated page here

A little cold out - but a satisfying performance for both the kid's game and men's game.







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