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2005 Burn's Supper

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Thursday, February 3, 2005

all photos courtesy of John & Alice Weston (some taken by Brian Scribbins), unless otherwise noted. (Updated 2005/02/04)

Afternoon preparations Judy Megill
Byron Beck and Alice Weston

Brian Scribbins

Betty Niven David Niven
Byron Beck Byron Beck, Anne, Dave and Stewart King


Dan and Michelle MacClean

George and Ruby Currie

John, Iona and Michaela Levins

Bader Radi & Ruby Currie

Dave, Stewart and Anne King

John and Alice Weston

Michelle MacClean and Faye Ashton Lyndon & Anne Baines


Anne King and Keith Armstrong John Megill

Piping in the Haggis

James Lamb addresses the Haggis

Address to the Haggis

Evening Program


Immortal Memory by Sam McCulloch


Caitlyn Conners demonstrates the Highland Fling
Joe Johnston gives the toast to the Lassies ... And Patricia replies
Caitlyn demonstrate the Sword Dance


Kuwait Caledonian's Pipe Band
(introducing tenor drummer Dave Gordon in his first public performance)

Band Members: Bader Radi, Keith Armstrong, John Weston, Talal, Greg Witt, Lyndon Baines, Stewart King, Dave Gordon

Bader Mohammed Radi - Honorary Pipe-Major Keith Armstrong
John Weston Talal


Greg Witt Lyndon Baines


Stewart King Dave Gordon


Everybody intently watching Bader's fingers...


James Lamb recites Tam O'Shanter






Scottish Country Dancing













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