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Kuwait Caledonians Pipe Band
2005 Band Bytes

A page dedicated to Band activities for 2006 - other than the main events linked above.



Thursday, December 1st, 2005
Kuwait Caledonian's annual St. Andrew's Ball
Hilton Resort

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First Set:
March in: Captain Norman Or Ewing, Barren Rocks of Aden
Flower of Scotland, Green Hills of Tyroll, Battles Over
March out: Bonny Lass of Fyvie

Second Set:

March in: Murdo's Wedding
Scotland the Brave, Brown Haired Maiden, Mairi's Wedding, Terebus, Amazing Grace, Dark Island,
March out:  Meeting of the Waters, Johnny Scorbie




Friday, November 18, 2005
Bader's new farm camp, in Kabd, Kuwait

The Kings, Armstrong's, Weston's and Bader attended this Friday's session.

Bader now has a second camp in the desert. For his fowl and his brother's goats. This is a large enclosed compound, with about a 2000 square foot AC'd building. A big improvement over the last camp. We practiced almost every Friday for the last few weeks before the St Andrew's Ball function December 1st.


October 24, 2005
Bader's house practice session

Piping Newbies

Philip Weston practicing with Stewart King.




September 29, 2005
Kuwait Caledonian's Welcome Back Ceilidh.

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Bader, Keith Armstrong, Lyndon Baines and John Weston performed tonight, since Talal has left for a year in Jordan to learn drumming with the army, and Dave Gordon has left Kuwait. Piper Greg Witt has left Kuwait as well.
Thursday, May 19, 2005
Annual Spring Ceilidh
Hilton Hotel and Resort, Mangaf, Kuwait

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Piping were Bader. Keith Armstrong, John Weston, Lyndon Baines, Stewart King, with Talal and Dave Gordon providing the drumming.



April 9, 2005
KBR (Kellog, Brown & Root) Memorial Ceremony for fallen drivers in Iraq

On April 9th, KBR (a big US Government contractor) invited the band to play at a memorial service for 17 of their fallen comrades in Iraq, at their compound in Camp Arifjan. The big U.S. Military base in southern Kuwait.

It took almost an hour to clear the gates to get into the camp because of the severe security.

The performance went well. We played "Amazing Grace" and "Going Home", two memorial favourites.

Bader did the Muslim prayer




Friday, April 29, 2006
Annual Treasure Hunt and Cruise

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Keith and John performed a mix of tunes together for the Treasure Hunt cruisers.




February 3rd, 2005
Annual Burn's Supper
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Farwaniya, Kuwait

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One of our largest band showings in years.
Pipers included Bader, Keith Armstrong, John Weston, Greg Witt, Lyndon Baines, Stewart King, Dave Gordon, and Talal





January 21, 2005
Bader's Camp - Weekly pipe practice in the desert

Friday practice sessions at Bader's farm continue.
Here John, Bader and Keith get some valuable chanter practice in before the big Burn's Supper do on February 3rd.

Bader tries to help Jared Gordon with father Thom Gordon Lyndon and Talal keep warm over the grill
Keith Armstrong watches his son Christopher at one of his first desert sessions. Philip at the farm with Alissandra behind (from Nova Scotia).





January 3, 2005
Bader's House - Weekly chanter practice

Jared Gordon keeps trying to keep the bag full.




December 31, 2004
New Year's Eve

The civil authorities cracked down on all public, and many private party events this New Years. For security reasons.

Piping in the New Year at Fiona and Phil Brooks' villa


It surprised us that piping in the New Year wasn't really a tradition with these Brits. The colonials had to tell them what to do. John did the honors this year, and later gave another short performance.
Bader tried his hand with a hula hoop - with predictable results.







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