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Page updated June 25, 2011
with new contributions from Robyn McCombe
and Kyle Campbell


This page is dedicated to my old pipe-major, Douglas Will, who selflessly donated his time, effort and resources to tutoring countless students of the Highland Bagpipes, in Winnipeg Manitoba, between the 1960's and 1970's.

I've collected scans of all his hand-written (and copied hand-written) music and arrangements that I can find - in order to share with others this work.
I hope some of his other former students will shares scans of their copies of his music - so we can all improve our repertoire's.


I'm afraid I don't know too much about Doug's history.
I know he used to keep Tuesday nights open at his house in Winnipeg, and invited students to individual tutoring sessions in his dining room. His wife Margaret would prepare the strangest "kool-aid" type concoctions for their guests while they waited their turn with the master. He was remarkably patient considering he was retired when I knew him, and was beginning to show his years.

I also joined Doug in the ANAVET 60 Pipe Band between 1972 and 1974 - even playing in the January 1, 1974 Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena California, with the Winnipeg Massed Pipes and Drums. as well a many small town parade functions in Manitoba, North Dakota and Minnesota. Almost always ending a Legion of VFW tavern.

Doug used to hand-write all his own music - sometimes arranging the pieces himself. As one of his many students - I was given many pieces to learn. Scans of what remains in my collection are hosted below. He must of spent 100's of hours doing all this transcribing - in the days before cheap photo-copiers.

And he did all this without any charge. Just for the love of the instrument and his desire to see us all enjoy the music as he did.
A great man, all around.

It is my wish that some of his other former students will share their memories of Doug with me - to post on this page for posterity.
And maybe even some of their music or pictures from the era. If you have anything you'd like to share - please e-mail me at

Margaret Will at one of the Winnipeg R.S.C.D.S. functions in 1972.

That's Doug and myself at the Burn's Supper function in 1970 - I believe.



Doug's Hand-written Bagpipe Music

John Weston's Collection

        1.  After The Battle.jpg or "Battles O'er"

        2.  Angus MacKinnon.jpg

        3.  Angus MacLean's Farewell To Oban.tif.jpg  The best possible quality copy from the original. Completely faded now with age, and unreadable.

        4.  Auchmountain's Bonnie Glen.jpg

        5.  Banjo Breakdown.jpg

        6.  Black Bear.jpg

        7.  Bonnie Dundee.jpg

        8.  Braes O'Mar (Wilt Thou Go To Barracks Johnnie).jpg

        9.  Bugle Horn.jpg

        10. Campbell's farewell To Redcastle.jpg

        11. Corn Rigs (4th Part).jpg

        12. Dark Island.jpg

        13. Dear Old Donegal.jpg

        14.De'il Among The Tailors.jpg

        15.De'il Among The Tailors 2.jpg

        16. Drew's Lilt.jpg

        17. Dunotter Castle.jpg

        18. Far O'er The Sea.jpg

        19. Farewell To The Creeks.jpg

        20. Green Hills Of Tyroll.jpg

        21. Heights of Dargai.jpg

        22. High Road To Linton.jpg

        23. Highland Fling.jpg

        24. Hills Of Caithness.jpg

        25. Itasca Who Comes.jpg

        26. Jack's A Lad.jpg

        27. Jacky Tar.jpg

        28. Jenny's Bawbee.jpg

        29. Kate Dalrymple.jpg

        30. Lady Madelina Sinclair.jpg

        31. Loch Rannoch.jpg

        32. Lochanside.jpg

        33. Lochuea.jpg

        34. Louden's Bonnie Woods & Braes.jpg

        35. Mairi Bhan (Mary's Wedding).jpg

        36. Major E.K. Carter.jpg

        37. Marquis Of Huntley's Highland Fling.jpg

        38. Midlothian Pipe Band.jpg

        39. Minstrel Boy.jpg

        40. Morag Of Dunvegan.jpg

        41. My Home 'Mo Dhachiadh'.jpg

        42. O' Rowan Tree.jpg

        43. O'er The Bows To Baulindalloch.jpg

        44. Piobreachd Of Donald Dhu.jpg

        45. Piper 'O Drummond's Rant part 1.jpg

        46. Piper 'O Drummond's Rant part 2.jpg

        47. Piper's Cave.jpg

        48.Pretty Marion.jpg

        49. Quaker's Wife.jpg

        50. Redcastle & Sweet Maid.jpg combination of Campbell's Farewell to Redcastle and Sweet Maid Of Glendaurel

        51. Samuel The Weaver.jpg

        52. Sandy Stewart.jpg

        53. Scars of Cruden.jpg

        54. Skye Boat Song & Harmony.jpg

        55. Skye Boat Song & Harmony 2.jpg

        56. Skye Boat Song.jpg

        57. Sweet Maid Of Glenduruel.jpg

        58. Tail Toddle.jpg

        59. Village Maid part 1.jpg

        60. Village Maid part 2.jpg

        61. Wedding of John Bhan's Sister.jpg





Although not a scan of hand-written music - Doug wrote and arranged at my request. I've since lost the original - but re-transcribed it from memory in PiobMaster. Its the famous snake-charmer's music we always associate with the far east. A particular favourite of the locals here in Kuwait. Doug had originally called it the "Kootchy-Koo Dance".

        62. Snake Charmer (Kootchy Koo Dance).jpg



1973 newspaper clipping of Doug and Margaret Will with Bob and Frances Fraser




Robyn McCombe's Collection
(Thanks Robyn!)


    1. Duke of Roxburgh's Farewell

    2. Lady Dorothea Stuart Murry's Wedding March (Version 1)

    3. Lady Dorothea Stuart Murry's Wedding March (Version 2)

    4. Lillie Long-Wade's Welcome To Inverness

    5. Loch Duich

    6. MacDougall's Favorite

    7. Major Usher

    8. Major C.M. Usher OBE

    9. Sunset

    10. The Highland Polka


Circa 1970 - Lord Selkirk Boy Scout Band, and Robyn McCombe indicated.




Kyle Campbell's Collection
(Thanks Kyle!)


        1. Kantara to Flarish

        2. The Rossshire Vollunteers pt 1

        3. The Rossshire Vollunteers pt 2

        4. John MacFayden of Melfort pt 1

        5. John MacFayden pt 2 & Bonnie Ann pt 1

        6. Bonnie Ann pt 2

        7. The Shepherds Crook

        8. The Rejected Suitor

        9. The Highland Wedding pt 1

        10. The Highland Wedding pt 2 & Maggie Cameron

        11. unknown (cont) & The Eight Men of Moidart

        12. Cork Hill

        13. Paddy's Leather Breeches

        14. Abercairney Highlanders pt 1

        15. Abercairney Highlanders pt 2

        16. Lord Alexander Kennedy pt 1

        17. Lord Alexander Kennedy pt 2

        18. Lord Alexander Kennedy pt 3 & The Australian Ladies

        19. unknown & Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban pt 1

        20. Donald MacLean's Farewell to Oban pt 2




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Care to include your collection? Just e-mail me the scans to


I'm particularly interested in locating some of Doug's music that I foolishly lent out to friends and acquantances 30 years ago - including:

Corn Rigs
Sean Truibhas (Sword Dance)
any other dance music, such as the hornpipes and jigs Doug had arranged

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