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    It is customary to summarize the year’s activities and so provide a survey of the events that were highlights in the life of the school. In this context one may note that the past year was very rewarding for many people.

    In sports the Cross-country boys’ team, the girls’ field hockey team, and the basketball teams all placed well in Cloverleaf competition. The Varsity Boy’s Volleyball team won the Sturgeon Creek tournament. In gymnastics we were represented by Neil Gair and Ray Pichette and in track Wayne Stewart set a new provincial record for the pole vault.

    One of the most enjoyable events of the year was the presentation of Agatha Christie’s play Witness For The Prosecution. Directed by Mrs. Axworthy and Mr. Bryan this was an excellent production that would have been applauded in any amateur theater. In the cast were Brian Goodman, Hugh Price, Ray Gautier, Pam Desmet, David Verdenik, Marc Trudeau, Camille Edwards, and Karen Castelein. The production received outstanding assistance by Nadine Kelly in make-up and George Beaudry in lighting. As usual with such school events the caretakers gave indispensable assistance.

    The Home Economics Department presented a very successful fashion show in early June. In Industrial Arts this was also a year of special note. Mr. Bean’s workshop constructed several impressive models and Mr./ Dean’s workshop produced a hovercraft and began the production of a sportscar the Nelson Mach I. Mr. Presunka’s Graphic Arts continued to be the source of vast quantities of posters and T-shirts.

    In the Norwood Science Fair, F. Olynk, K. Sharma, and Wm. Lui all won first prizes. Richard Nakka won the overall trophy for his Experiment With Rockets and later in provincial competition won the top prize of a journey to London, England. Everyone involved and especially Mr. N.Neumam, the co-ordinator, had the satisfaction of creating a very fine science fair.

    I wish to end my review of the year’s events by recalling that many visitors to the school have remarked on the very fine atmosphere and the friendly relationships existing between students and teachers. This is a tribute to both parties concerned. Let’s keep it that way. To everyone the very best of luck for next year.

 M. Shaw




Just over the Norwood Bridge there is that little red brick building we all know as Nelson Mac. Enclosed in its walls are all the characteristics of a high school. There are students in jeans, teachers sharing their knowledge, homework, lateness, discipline, hassals . . . . I could go on and on.

But, have you ever waLked through the hallways at three thirty? There is a sudden rush which is soon exchanged for a “peaceful” hush. In the classrooms there are only desks and the odd teacher washing away the stains of a hard days work and preparing for another. Along the walls the lockers stand red, blue. and yellow. The lack of activity around there proves dull. Outside there is no chatter, no 1aughter-not even a complaint.

In my years here, I have found Nelson Mac to be a school made up of people. Real people, with the characteristics of love and hate, sharing good times and bad. As student president I had the opportunity of working even more closely with you. I found the individuality and personalities of students, staff and administration working towards a perfect harmony.

You as an individual have a lot to offer. You contribute to the everyday life of Nelson Mac and must continue to do so. With that in mind my message is simply - stay as swell as you are.

Loving you always, Camille




BACK ROW: Mr.Davis, Torn Anniko, Rosalie Bourgeouis, John Weston
FRONT ROW: Mrs. Lambert, Myra Castelein, Camille Edwards, Brian Goodman, Pam Desmet, Marilyn Nairn.



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