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Alice, Philip and John, July 29, 2012

Welcome to our

Weston Clan
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Family Web Site

(formerly the
"Calgary Clan in Kuwait",

We're hosting thousands of photos on this site,
in an effort to share our latest news with distant friends and relations.



In an ongoing project, John has been collecting and featuring family photos over the ages, on a special sub-web dedicated to the cause of documenting the family history for three arms of the Weston/Bews' families.


Our Family History Documentation Project
is no longer being hosted on this site.
(Family Trees are still posted)

A link to this page can be found on the
Family Pictures Index Page


Latest News
Web Page

formerly known as our "Journal"

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 we've built for many years.
(We've removed older journal pages
to keep the web size down)

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Be warned though:
These pages are very graphics intensive.
Slow internet connections may result in some long waiting times for the pictures to appear.


Our Malaysian
 Retirement Plans

We've built a web page showing our new Malaysian Property and a little overview of why we've chosen this place to retire.

Fraser's Hill is a beautiful little paradise, less than 2 hours north of Kuala Lumpur. the climate up there is near perfect.
We don't need air conditioning, or heating since the temperature ranges are simply near perfect.

The tax regulations have let us retire years sooner without a pension. And since we were in Kuwait more than 14 years
- we were anxious for a change.

Here is a web page highlighting much of what we saw and liked about Fraser's Hill, and the house we bought

We plan to winter in Malaysia and summer in Halifax very year for about 10 years.
When we're in our mid-60's, we'll look to see if we want to continue our residency in Malaysia.



 Weston Halifax Property

On our summer home leave in 2007 -
 we purchased some pristine Nova Scotia ocean-front acreage, a short distance outside Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Plans are to build a 3-building estate on the property. Construction has already started and is expected to be completed late in the summer of 2013 - before we repatriate back to Canada from Malaysia.

We're hosting a special web page with
 photos and plans of the estate, and this can be visited here.




For current news on upcoming events, visit the Kuwait Caledonians "Official" Web Site here
    2009 Burn's Supper 2008
St Andrew's Ball
2008 Burn's Supper 2007
St Andrew's Ball
2007 Spring Ceilidh
Kuwait Caledonians Events 2007 Treasure Hunt 2007 Highland Games 2007 Scotland/England Football Match 2007 Burn's Supper 2006
St Andrew's Ball
2006 Welcome Back Ceilidh
2006 Spring Ceilidh 2006 Treasure Hunt 2006 Burn's Supper 2006 Scotland/England Football Match 2005 St Andrew's Ball 2005 Welcome Back Ceilidh
2005 Spring Ceilidh 2005 Treasure Hunt 2005 Burn's Supper 2004 St Andrew's Ball 2004 Welcome Back Ceilidh 2004 Spring Ceilidh
2004 Treasure Hunt 2004 Burn's Supper 2003 St Andrew's Ball 2003 Burn's Supper 2002 Highland Games 2002 Burn's Supper
Pipe Band Photos   2007 Band Bytes 2006 Band Bytes 2005 Band Bytes 2004 Band Bytes

We're no longer continuing  with the Kuwait Caledonian's Society since we've moved from Kuwait

We built some web pages dedicated to some of the Society's past social events
and hosted them on our website.
You can visit the index page to these events here.

Q8 Caledonian's Society Social Events Index


However - we're no longer hosting the official Kuwait Caledonian's web page,
which just linked to the one on our domain.



In 2004 after our High School Reunion, I scanned the two Yearbooks for our school
that I worked on in 1972 and 1973

We've posted the scanned pages on the following web pages:

Nelson McIntyre Collegiate

 1972 Challenge Yearbook

Nelson McIntyre Collegiate

 1973 Challenge Yearbook


John built a special web page dedicated to his
 old pipe-major, Douglas Will, who selflessly donated his time, effort and resources to tutoring countless students of the Highland Bagpipes, in Winnipeg Manitoba, between the 1960's and 1970's.

Recently updated now, his "Alumni" page

John's Wafra JO Alumni Page

John has prepared a page that showcases
 some of the people he knew and worked with
 in Wafra, Kuwait, that have since left Kuwait.

A bit of a tribute to old friends....


Doug Will's
Bagpipe Music Page
Collected here are scans of all his hand-written
 (and copied hand-written) music and arrangements that can be found - in order to share with others this work.

John hopes some of his other former students
 will share scans of their copies of his music
- so we can all improve our repertoire's.

For good friend Jane Chacko -
we've published a special web page
featuring her work and art exhibition
In honor of a recent University of Manitoba Engineering Society (UMES)
 reunion, we've published a special web page featuring friends from the '70's - and especially the University of Manitoba Symonized Engineering Marching Band (BNAD)
Eclectic Harmony

The Art of Jane Pearson Chacko

Kuwait Museum of Modern Art
March 25 to April 2, 2007

Just for former members of the
 UMES Symonized Engineering Band
of the late 1970's....

A walk down memory lane.





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